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On March 11th, at the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy, a lecture was held by Mr. Jiang Siyuan, General Secretary of the Exchange and Cooperation Center under the Legal Services Commission for the SCO, within the framework of the special project “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” of the IPACS Presidential Academy International Cooperation Department. The speaker made a report on the topic “History and structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”.

Mr. Jiang Siyuan touched upon such issues as the main stages of development of the SCO, the structure of the organization, the goals of creation and mission, cooperation between the Russian Federation and China, as well as the SCO as a platform for the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The speaker noted:

“The regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (RATS) has made a significant contribution to the development of the Organization, becoming its supporting pillar, and coordinating center in the fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism at the regional and global levels. RATS is becoming a worthy example of multilateral cooperation in the field of security.”

Students shared their impressions of Mr. Jiang Siyuan’s lecture.


Anastasia Troshkova, 1st year student in the program “Public Administration and Legal Regulation”, noted:

“An interesting lecture that made it possible to strengthen in the mind the history, goals, and prospects of such an organization as the SCO. I’m glad that I was able to ask questions to Mr. Jiang Siyuan, who expressed hope for further cooperation with the IPACS Presidential Academy.”


Viktor Mostovoy, a 1st year student in the program “Effective Public Administration”, emphasized:

“Mr. Jiang Siyuan told us about the history of the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. It was especially interesting to hear about conferences and forums held within the SCO. I am very happy that within the framework of the project “School for Foreign Affairs Newbie” we are able to communicate with such speakers and gain new international experience.”