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Elena Y. Kireeva, doctor of law, Dean of the Faculty of Personnel Management and Civil Service, Head of the Department of Legal Support of State and Municipal Service, IPACS RANEPA.

Seminar: « Digital transformation, new markets and management systems».

Elena Y. Kireeva commented in an interview the role of the state in digital transformation process: «Everything related to the creation of the legal basis for the transformation of the public administration system, its transition to a digital format, comes from the public authorities». Today, there are certain positive shifts in the digital sphere in Russia.

In addition, there were considered problematic issues related to the difficulties that can become a serious obstacle for the Government on the path of universal digitalization. Undoubtedly, the abundance of digital resources and information systems can be a big obstacle. It is important that all systems are integrated. The unique platform – «Russian Technologies» — is being created for these purposes.

Elena Kireeva also commented on the situation with a shortage of qualified personnel within the digital structures. It cannot be denied that this is a primary problem during the process of digital transformations in a sphere of public administration.