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On November 4th, students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy RANEPA visited the international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh, dedicated to National Unity Day. Students were able to see thematic exhibitions presented in such pavilions as “First in Russia – the land of opportunities!” and Sber and get acquainted with the achievements of our country through a reflection of the past, present and future.

Exhibition of the pavilion “First in Russia – the land of opportunities!” – a unique interactive space prepared by the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” and the “Movement of the First”. Students enjoyed the beauty of the pavilion, modern technologies, and the original show, and learned about the outstanding achievements of great personalities captured in the history of Russia. In addition, at the exhibition, students were presented with expositions dedicated to all 89 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which spoke about the uniqueness, achievements, and capabilities of each region of Russia.

Students of the IPACS Presidential Academy RANEPA spoke about their emotions and impressions from visiting the exhibition.

Viktor Sakhnov, 1st year master’s student in the program “Interstate Cooperation (with in-depth study of a foreign language)”, noted:

“The exhibition left a very vivid impression. I especially liked the pavilions “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” and “Regions of Russia”. In addition to the exhibition, I attended lectures at the educational marathon “Knowledge. The first ones.” I was able to see and listen to prominent people like Andrei Belousov, Dmitry Peskov, Valentina Matvienko, Sergei Bezrukov and many others. The lectures gave a great charge of motivation and inspiration, and the exhibition was interesting not only for its entertaining, but also for its educational part.”

Maria Semenova, a 1st year undergraduate student in the program “Management of International Projects and Programs (with in-depth study of foreign languages)”, noted:

“It was the right decision to spend a day off at VDNKh, visiting the international forum and exhibition “Russia.” I was in the Sberbank pavilion, where the history of the bank was told in an interactive format, I learned about the new inventions of this organization, the opportunities that it offers. It was very interesting to see how different programs and developments of Sberbank work. “As part of this forum, other pavilions have been opened, where I plan to go and advise others to do so, since I am sure that everyone can learn something useful from this.”