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On October 27th International Student Club of IGSU Presidential Academy RANEPA «InterClub» held for club members, and everyone interested in English a film screening and exciting interactive activities as part of regular events, dedicated to the “Day of Culture, Cinema and Sports”.

Students took part in interactive activities on cinema topics. Participants determined films based on frames and guessed characters from popular films. The event ended with watching a film in English, after which students discussed the plot and the most memorable moments.


Klyuev Daniil, 3rd year student in the program “International Legal Profile (with in-depth study of a foreign language and the law of European organizations)”:

“The event was quite unusual. We took part in interesting interactives and games in which they showed resourcefulness and general erudition. Hope, Similar events will be held more often. They help to practice conversational skills, overcome the language barrier and look for like-minded people.”


Mikhail Sednev, 1st year student in the program “Effective Public Administration. Educational program in a foreign language»:

«Thanks to the International Club for this event. I was able to chat with the guys and take a break from everyday life. In such atmosphere you can expand your horizons and learn something new».