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Students from the Graduate School of Corporate Governance and the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Presidential Academy visited the Museum of the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The children got acquainted with the history of the formation of the China and had the opportunity to ask the museum staff questions that interested them.

The excursion for students was initiated by the Office of International Development of the Presidential Academy.

Minister-Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, director of the museum, Mr. Feng Litao, told the children about the versatility of Chinese culture, the prospects for studying the Chinese language, and shared the history of the emergence of such an interesting institution in Moscow. In addition, he said that in the fall he would visit the Presidential Academy with a lecture on the peculiarities of the cultural development of the PRC.


“I am sure that such events contribute to the mutual integration of cultures for the benefit of the further development of bilateral ties and motivate students to even more actively study the Chinese language,” said Vice-Rector of the Presidential Academy Polina Nemirovchenko.

She added that with the assistance of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, representatives of the Academy will hold several working meetings in October as part of a trip to the China to participate in the China Education Expo exhibition.

The Museum of the 6th CPC Congress is a branch of the Chinese Cultural Center in Moscow. It became the first museum of the history of the Communist Party opened abroad by the Chinese government. Its exhibition space is divided into three parts: an exhibition about the 6th CPC Congress, a reconstruction of the conference hall and living quarters for delegates, and an exhibition about the development of Chinese-Russian friendly relations in recent years.