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Arthur Trottet, master in business administration with specialization in finance at the IMSG and a master in foreign regional policy at RANEPA gave a serie of lectures for Russian students in a blended format (with live stream in an Instagram account of IPACS InterClub).

Arthur spoke about the administrative division of France and Switzerland, as well as about the cultural, linguistic and historical characteristics of each region. And of course, the students were able to learn more about the world famous symbols of the Confederation – Swiss chocolate, watches and banks.

Arthur Trottet devoted one of his lectures to the state structure of France and Switzerland. The speaker spoke about the political structure and, using the example of two states, explained the difference between the unitary and confederal forms of government.

The last lesson was in online format as a live stream in the InterClub’s Instagram account (@ipacs_interclub), it was devoted to the specifics of working in international companies. Arthur Trottet together with Mauris Dweck, master of Science in Finance (Major in Corporate Finance) talked about their working experience, peculiarities of corporate culture in Switzerland and shared the secrets of writing a CV.