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Konstantine V. Nosachev, researcher, RANEPA expert in the field of state digital processes and e-government program systems, expert of the Analytical Center for State Support and Municipal Service of the Russian Federation, leader of IT projects for the public sector and business.

Seminar: «Digital government. Experience of Russian Federation».

In an interview Konstantine Nosachev told us about the modern role of the digitalization development. Regarding to the speaker’s words, the sphere is changing rapidly: creation of digital conglomerates, development of our own digital industry; and Russia is making great strides. But we cannot forget about negative consequences and risks of the digitalization. One of the negative aspects is a problem of equipment: generally, assembly process takes place abroad while country is capable to do it by itself. There also risks connected with the information security. We lose control of our privacy with the development of digital techniologies.

The impact of digitalization on public administration quality is important too: «we build effective cooperation and introduce new business processes that change civil services way of thinking and increase effectiveness of interaction».

In addition, Konstantine Nosachev explained the impact of digitalization on people’s domestic life and changes in digital techniologies after the pandemic.