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On September 11–12, members of IPACS International Club visited the annual «Italian Holidays» festival on the territory of the public cultural space Hlebozavod № 9.

This year, the «Italian holidays» surprised with its scale, everyone could find entertainment to their liking. Every corner created a Mediterranean atmosphere. Famous chefs of Italian restaurants introduced the guests to the Italian gastronomic traditions. The festival was filled with an Italian atmosphere. The main feature of the festival was its diversity – the organizers of the event were able to combine gastronomy, music, technology and entertainment, without losing the spirit of Italy. Unexpected collaborations awaited the guests in the musical program as well. Together with Pompeya, Cream Soda, Roots United and SYSTEM 108, the king of the Russian stage Philip Kirkorov performed.

The IPACS International Club and foreign students were able to get to know each other better, take joint photos and feel the Italian atmosphere from delicious food and pleasant music – felicità in Italian!